Aspiring to be at the Pinnacle in IR?
AIRA Launches its New Certification Program for Investor Relations Professionals

AIRA has launched its new, prestigious Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) certification program to recognise those at the very peak of Investor Relations in Australasia.

The CIRO Program has been developed in response to industry needs and was designed specifically to continue raising the standard of IR acumen, particularly in light of the changing dynamic in the profession.

In recent years we have seen investor relations shift from a compliance and communications function to a more strategic purpose where professionals are highly accountable at both a corporate and professional level.

The Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) designation will acknowledge IR professionals who have reached a stage in their career where they are recognised for their strategic acumen, independence of thought and confidence inspiring judgement by their Board of Directors, C-suite Management, and other key stakeholders. A CIRO certification sets them apart and elevates their status as one of the best in the profession.

The professional designation:

  • provides confidence to the market and within the company in the individual’s ability to act as a trusted advisor,
  • promotes their level of professionalism and standard of conduct, and
  • demonstrates their continuing commitment to investor relations as a profession and best practice IR.

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For more information contact:
Ian Matheson
Chief Executive Officer
T: +61 2 9872 9100
M: 0419 444 731
E: [email protected]

About AIRA The Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) was established in 2001 to advance the awareness of and best practice in investor relations in Australia and New Zealand and thereby improve the relationship between listed entities and the investment community. The Association's 160 corporate members now represent over A$1.2 trillion of market capitalisation, over 80% of the total market capitalisation of companies listed on ASX.