Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) Program

Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) is a higher-level professional designation awarded to those senior investor relations professionals at the pinnacle of the industry, who display the capability, judgement and independence-of-thought to inspire confidence as a trusted advisor to the Board, C-Suite, amongst peers and to stakeholders in the financial markets.


Certified Investor Relations Officer Program



About AIRA's Certified Investor Relations Officer Program

As capital markets continue to evolve, disclosure requirements and expectations of listed entities also grow, and investor relations has shifted from that of a compliance and communications role to a more highly accountable strategic advisor and conduit between the company and the market. The increasing importance now being placed on this role and industry professionals necessitates the need for enhanced ethical and professional standards.  

AIRA’s CIRO program seeks to support and recognise higher-level performance and the greater demands being placed on industry professionals through a specific program and a commitment to audited Continuing Professional Development. 

The intent of the certification is to enhance the standing of senior practitioners and build confidence amongst C-Suite, Board and capital markets stakeholders in the role and individuals holding the CIRO designation.

Why is Certification Important?

Certification should provide:

  • Confidence across the company executive and the Board in the IRO’s views and guidance
  • A higher standard of conduct
  • A demonstrated commitment to professional development of IROs, recognising the importance of the CIRO who can give “the likely view of the market and key stakeholders"

Key benefits to IRO’s

On completion of the CIRO program, certification holders will be able to:

  • Use post-nominals "CIRO"
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professional development
  • Encourage innovation and shared learning amongst CIRO peers
  • Become part of an elite network of industry professionals.

Policy Principles for the Certified Investor Relations Officer Professional Designation

AIRA will apply and be guided by the following policy principles in the ongoing operation of the Certification Program to ensure that it is:

  • worthwhile - that candidates and their sponsors consider that the certification makes a difference to the company and to stakeholders.
  • desirable - that the achievement of the Certification inspires those who have completed the Diploma to seek continuous professional development and career progression.
  • transparent - that processes involved in achieving the professional designation are clearly articulated, and considered fair and equitable.
  • credible - that the process, and recipients, are respected.
  • influential - that the impact for advocacy in a global market is positive and generates confidence.
  • efficient - that the cost and time required to produce the outcome is necessary. The process of offering a certification is not ‘activity for activity’ sake.
  • effective - that the process and professional designation achieve the outcome desired.
  • fair – that the principles of natural justice and due process will apply. 

Program Fees

Application Fee*  $1,375
 3 x Online Learning Modules**   

Prices are quoted in AUD and are inclusive of GST.

* Application fee is applicable to those applying under the grandfathering provisions and self-nomination.
** 3 x Online Learning Modules are a study-based requirement to complete this program.  There is no requirement for individuals who have completed the modules ahead of enrolling into the program to undertake them a second time.

How to Apply

Self Nomination

Online applications can be lodged by those not eligible to join under the grandfathering provision for senior investor relations professionals, on the basis that you meet the eligibility criteria.

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