Media Release - 2023 AIRA Remuneration Survey Results Released


Record growth in investor relations roles and remuneration   

Today the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) has released its 15th Investor Relations and Responsibilities Study. 

The median Total Fixed Remuneration (TFR*) reported by investor relations officers (IROs) in Australasia was $350,000 to $375,000, a 16% increase since the previous survey completed in 2020 where the median TFR reported was $301,000 to $325,000. ASX 50 companies median TFR was $425,000 to $450,000, an increase of 13% from 2020, and NZX 50 companies median TFR increased by 10% to $275,000 to $300,000.

In addition to TFR the majority of respondents received short and long-term incentives. 93% reported receiving a short-term incentive, with the median, as a percentage of salary, being 21-30%.  In addition, 76% of respondents received a long-term incentive with the median, as a percentage of salary, being 11-20%. 

“Coming out of COVID, listed entities are requiring the services of good strategic investor relations support more and more. This is reflected in the demand for talent and the significant growth in remuneration we’ve seen since the last survey in 2020”, AIRA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Ian Matheson said. 

The number one challenge for IROs was “Acquiring the resources, including time, to fulfil demand for IR services”, which was number three in 2020. This can largely be attributed to the increased demands being placed on listed entities regarding elevated investor engagement requirements following the return of travel, and increased focus towards ESG and Sustainability.  

Notably, Bachelor degrees in accounting, finance, business, commerce economics along with AIRA Diploma of Investor Relations, and other AIRA training were considered the most relevant for the role of Investor Relations by respondents.

“We are delighted to see that over a quarter of respondents have completed industry specific training such as the Diploma of Investor Relations”, AIRA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Ian Matheson said, “this strengthens market confidence in best practice IR and is a step towards the higher-level designation for their IR teams.”

Other notable findings from the survey included:

 Investor Relations Manager  $200 - $225
 Investor Relations Manager – Retail  $125 - $225
 Investor Relations Manager - Institutional     $275 - $300
 Investor Relations Officer  $150 - $175
 Investor Relations Analyst  $175 - $200
 ESG Manager  $175 - $200
 Investor Relations Co-ordinator  $125 - $150
 Investor Relations Assistant  $85 - $100

Please refer to the full report to see STI and LTI ranges for these roles.

The study was the 15th review of IROs in Australia and New Zealand. It was based on the results of questions sent in November 2022 to 197 investor relations practitioners across a broad range of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and New Zealand Securities Exchange. Responses were received from 81 listed entities. Some 70 percent of respondents were from ASX 100 companies, 44 percent were 40-49 years old, and 38 percent of them were female. Respondents had worked as an in-house IR for a median of 5-10 years.

Footnote: * Total fixed remuneration (TFR) comprises annual salary plus superannuation and fringe benefits excluding any short-term and long-term incentive payments (such as cash bonus, shares, options or share performance rights).


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