AIRA Announces the Release of Second Edition ESG Engagement Guidelines for Listed Entities

20 February 2024

The Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) has today released the second edition of its “ESG Engagement Guidelines: Recommended Practices for Australasian Listed Entities”. The second edition includes significant updates from the first edition released in 2017. “These changes reflect the evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in corporate governance and investor relations”, commented Ian Matheson, AIRA’s CEO. 

Key Updates to the ESG Engagement Guidelines for Listed Entities Include:


1. Enhanced Role of Investor Relations: The new guidelines underscore the pivotal role of Investor Relations (IR) in ESG engagement. IR is now positioned as the key contact point and coordinator for all ESG engagements with the investment community, ensuring preparedness and strategic alignment across the board.

2. Broader ESG Topics and Increased Complexity: Acknowledging the growing number of ESG topics and the complex nature of the investment community, the guidelines provide a detailed understanding of the various parties involved, including asset owners, managers, regulators, and ESG research providers.

3. Comprehensive Recommendations for ESG Engagement: The updated guidelines offer a structured approach to ESG engagement, encompassing governance resources, systematic strategy, feedback and review, and board mandate. These recommendations are aimed at enhancing transparency, strategic planning, and stakeholder communication in ESG matters.

4. Identification and Understanding of ESG Stakeholders: A new focus is placed on identifying key ESG stakeholders and understanding their inter-relationships. This includes insights into institutional investors, ESG research firms, and sell-side research, providing a roadmap for effective stakeholder engagement.

“The Second Edition ESG Engagement Guidelines for Listed Entities mark a significant step forward in AIRA’s commitment to sustainable and responsible corporate practices”, said Ian Matheson. “AIRA is dedicated to supporting listed entities in understanding the evolving expectations in ESG matters.”

For more information about the updated guidelines, please contact AIRA at +61 2 9872 9100 or email [email protected].

About AIRA

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