Corporate Membership



Companies listed on ASX or NZX (or any other exchange as approved by the AIRA board) are eligible to join the association as a corporate member.

The corporate member nominates a representative who is the primary contact with the association. Members are able to nominate additional representatives, who are eligible to receive the same membership benefits as the primary contact. Additional representatives may include employees involved in the investor relations function, board members, CEOs, CFOs, company secretaries and those involved in media relations, corporate communications, government relations and public relations roles within the company.Corporate members have voting rights.

Unlisted companies are able join as corporate members on the basis they are going to list. The lowest fee level is applicable to any unlisted company wanting to join until such time as it lists. After listing, AIRA's ordinary fee structure applies.

AIRA is dedicated to helping listed entities achieve excellence in investor relations. Our corporate membership category offers a variety of information tools free or at special rates for corporate members.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Information and knowledge

AIRA provides many information tools that assist members to keep abreast of investor relations and disclosure issues. Corporate members have access to:

  • Members updates,
  • A members-only website area that includes free downloads of all AIRA’s published material, including archived webcasts, survey results (including investor relations remuneration and investor relations benchmarking), industry submissions and best practice guidelines,
  • IR Market Place, providing a comprehensive list of providers of specialist IR services,
  • A corporate member calendar that allows companies to publish key dates to assist with future planning of financial results announcement, site tours and roadshows.

AIRA is the only industry body representing the collective views of listed entities on issues regarding continuous disclosure and governance to government, regulatory bodies, the media and the investment community.

Education, training and professional development

AIRA recognises the importance of formal education and professional development for individuals involved in the investor relations or related functions within listed entities. It offers members a voluntary CPD program and provides access to:

  • annual conference and awards dinner,
  • a number of specialist IR courses,
  • segmented networking dinners,
  • segmented networking luncheons,
  • state-based member luncheons, and a
  • comprehensive webinar program.

AIRA provides a number of forums where members are able to share experiences and exchange views. We host regular meetings in all major capital cities in Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand. The importance of networking is always taken into account when developing seminar and conference programs.

Code of Conduct

On joining AIRA, the Association urges compliance with a Code of Conduct by positively communicating the ideals of professional ethics and practice rather than imposing sanctions. For more information and download the full Code of Conduct, please click here.

Membership Period

AIRA's membership commences on 1 July and ends on 30 June.  Anyone joining from October to June in any given year will be offered pro-rata** membership rates.

2024/25 Fee Schedule

Corporate Membership fees are based on a sliding-scale depending on the entity's market capitalisation.  Rankings are calculated based on your company's market capitalisation* ranking as at close of business on Friday prior to lodgement of the membership application form.  Fees have been set as follows:


 Membership Fee

 New /
Lapsed Members

A company ranked within the ASX Top 20   $11,347
A company ranked within the ASX 21 to 50  $9,045 $800  
A company ranked within the ASX 51 to 100   $6,348
A company ranked within the ASX 101 to 150  $3,870   $500  
A company ranked within the ASX 151 to 200  $1,967  $400  
A company ranked outside the ASX 200  $1,236  $200  
Unlisted company who is looking to list  $1,236  $200  
The membership period is from 1 July to 30 June.
All fees are non-refundable and are quoted in AUD and exclude GST.
Market capitalisation is based on ASX rankings (i.e. total number of shares on offer X by share price) and NOT on S&P/ASX Index inclusion or ranking.
After listing the fee structure for unlisted entities will revert to the ordinary fee structure dependent on market capitalisation.
New and lapsed members will incur a once off joining fee payable at the time of purchasing membership.
Pro-rata membership excludes the last 3 months of financial year, this will be rolled over into the following membership year as a complimentary add-on.