AIRA Recruit


Listed Entity / Service Provider Recruitment Services

The AIRA Recruit service assists companies and service providers who are recruiting specialist IR and IR-related roles and provides:

  • Direct access to highly skilled industry professionals, and
  • An in depth understanding of the Investor Relations function within a listed entity and the changing demands being placed on industry professionals.

Given the stringent regulatory environment that investor relations teams need to operate within, it is critical at the time of recruiting, to ensure that candidates are adequately skilled to perform their roles within these regulatory constraints.

The service provides three different options:

Option 1 - Full Service Recruitment Offering

Option 2 - Advice Around Structure and Remuneration of the Role

Option 3 - Marketing and Advertising of the Role

Listed entities and service providers who are looking to fill specialised roles that might encompass:

Straight Investor Relations roles:
  • Executive Roles
  • Mid-tier Roles
  • Support Roles (EA / Co-ordinator)
Combined roles that might include:
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Public Affairs

Use AIRARecruit in order to quickly identify and target suitably qualified talent.

Service solutions include:

  • AIRA managing the full recruitment process
  • AIRA recommending a suitable recruitment firm / executive search firm best suited to the role being recruited
  • An online Resume Bank that allows listed entities / service providers to tap into specialist talent
  • Job advertising / marketing to specialist audiences

For further information about AIRARecruit please click the link below or call the AIRA Secretariat on +61 2 9872 9100.

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